Qigong and Reiki
For Inner Alchemy
Qigong - Physical Recovery

Matt Parsons came to Qigong after surviving a stroke. He has been diligently practicing Chinese internal martial arts and neigong since 2009.

Reiki - Spiritual Connection

Reiki came into Matt's life in 2018 after nearly a decade of energetic practice. This connection to universal compassion has enabled him to overcome PTSD.

Neidan and Vajrayana

Both Qigong and Reiki have their roots within Buddhist and Daoist esoteric practices. Matt has applied himself to learning Daoist alchemy from Mao Shan, Wudang, and Zhengyi lines. He has also received various Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist empowerments.

Body, Speech, Mind
Transform Your Life

Many people with mystery illnesses are in need of greater connection to their body, their heart, and their soul. By practicing these exercises and meditations you will see concrete changes in your life.

Syncretic Qigong and Reiki is committed to enriching the community of Reiki with resources originating in Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan esoteric practices. Our school also helps propagate modern evolutions of these arts to enable students to easily access the benefits of practice. 

After over a decade of Eastern esoteric practice, Matt Parsons strives to provide instruction to his students to enable their physical, energetic, and spiritual cultivation to reach new heights of alchemical refinement.

Mandala, Mantra, Mudra

We understand the theoretical underpinnings of esoteric Buddhism and how they relate to the practices of Qigong and Reiki. Darkness and light, silence and sound, movement and stillness - these basics are the underpinnings of everything we do.

We publicly offer Qigong from the arts of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Yiquan. Those wishing to receive instruction in the fighting aspects of these martials arts may inquire about private lessons.

Our Reiki lineage is influenced by many streams. Our foundational Japanese influences are from the Hirai family and informed by resources provided by the Jikiden organization. For Reiki Levels 1 and 2 our manual was written by Nicholas Pearson. Brett Bevell is our primary influence from the modern side of Reiki and Matt Parsons was certified in the Psychic Reiki system in January of 2021.


We continue to apply ourselves to learning and expanding into the future. For those who wish to support our mission to provide energetic healing to people of color and the LGTBQIA+ communities please consider donating via Patreon.

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